Monday, July 26, 2010

Five great daily sacrifices in Hinduism

Explanations by Swami Sivananda
Divine Life Society, Rishikesh

There are five great daily sacrifices that are to be
performed by every householder. They are:
1. Brahma Yajna or Veda Yajna.
Sacrifice to Brahman or the Vedas or the sages.
Teaching and studying scriptures is Brahma Yajna)

2. Deva Yajna.
Sacrifice to the celestials.
(Homa or oblations into the sacred fire is Deva Yajna)

3. Pitri Yajna.
Sacrifice to the manes.
(Tarpan or offering of water to the ancestors,
and Sraddha, form Pitri Yajna)

4. Bhuta Yajna.
Sacrifice to all the creatures.
(Offering of food to all creatures is Bhuta Yajna)

5. Manushya Yajna.
Sacrifice to man.
(Hospitality to guests is Manushya Yajna or Atithi Yajna)

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