Monday, April 4, 2011


FAITH in HER had no contamination

The purity of my heart SHE knew

Deeply devoted to HER lotus feet

SHE protected the faithful few!

AMMA`s devotees grew and grew

Like millions of wires connected to a fuse

From every drop of water and grain of sand too

Thru`HER sakthi she put all to use!

Just like the sands created the deserts

And the waves, those mighty seas

Zillions of stars forming the milkyway

Through HER everything was created,from the sun to the gently breeze!

As Kaliyuga`s toxicity

Shadows the earth with its grey

AMMA has the power

To turn darkness into a golden day!

And for those whose hearts remain ever so pure

Chanting HER holy name

HER sakthi and grace shall protect us

From the evil and insane!


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