Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why your name is important to be called as your name???

What is in name ???? When you are born, a name is given based on your time and date of birth.
Along the way,the names are modified,extended or changed or take another name for glamour. When the baby is born, the new name is said softly to the baby's ear ,thus triggering the molecule cells in the human body. So when the name is repeated called or spoken, the name cells response.Along the way, some of the modify or change names.When the new names are called,the molecules responding would be affected as there is a frequency wave problem as some calling the old names and some the new names. That is why, any change of name has to be carefully calculated and have to write 108 times per day x 90 days to ingrained in the person's system. Without the person writing down the name, the effect is different to just name reciting...try this yourself.. Make your life a peaceful one..... If you want know..give a try...and if you dont believe..just let go.. as Science plays an important part in our religion... Aum Shakti Thunai. Credits to Priyaah Veeriah from Sri Astha Thasa Bhuja Kaliamman From Durian Tunggal Melaka (FB) for this info.

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