Wednesday, January 18, 2012


      God has given us everything for human in the form of life which consists of unpredictable moments but we tend to ask for more from the almighty after He had given us so much. At the same time, He always answers our prayers and gives away boons for His devotees. In returns what have we given him? As a appreciation for His giving for us in this life? Does He accept or ask for money, golden jewelers or temple like a palace for Him? He did not asked for anything in returns from humans.

      He just told humans and aspect humans for humanity, heart that consist love towards Him and the thoughts of Him inside us truly and faithfully but humans offering flowers as sign of appreciation towards His kindness to grant our wishes and giving us the path of His always in our life. Why offer flowers to Him? Why not other valuable stuff? If we offer camphor and etc not accepted? He would accept everything that we gave to Him in the name of love but these things will be disappear after a while and it’s not the same as flowers which will leave something that will help others after its disappearances by producing some food.

     What’s inside of a flower? Flowers have nectars that produce sweet honey which is taken only by bees. In such state, how humans going to present the honey direct to the God himself? Its impossible to humans to take the honey from the nectar to start producing the honey, it’s not their job, it’s the job of mother nature. This is the reason, why we are offering flowers as sign of love to the almighty in the state of garland and any decorations towards Him using varieties colors of flowers. God loves honey? Who said so?

    In Lalitha Sahasranaama Stothiram, there’s a name for Mother Goddess sounds as ‘Mathu Priyaayai Namaha’ Mathu: Honey, Priyaayai: Favourite, Namaha: I am praying towards you. This lalitha sahasranaaman was written by non humans but the Lord Vishnu himself in the form of Hayagrivar. In the worship of Goddess, the most favourite drink of Her, honey is mixed the most as the recipe written by ‘SittaVaitthiya Agasthiya Munivar. Thus, it is the reasons why we are offering flowers to the almighty.
This was clearly explained by Shankarachariyar during his visit to Kanchipuram Kamakshi Temple once upon a time.
   Soon when malays trying to adapt the word 'Mathu' thus they change that word as 'Madu' stands for Honey.

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