Friday, May 25, 2012

Avatharams of Ambal to kill the Asurans...

1. Sri Astha Thasa Bhuja Mahachandi, Chandi, (with 18 hands) Combination of Mahakaalee, Mahasaraswathy and Mahalakshmi; To kill Chandasuran
2. Sri MahaVarahi (A form of woman in the face of a boar) To kill Pandasuran (Click here)
3. Mahakaalee : Wife of Mahakaalan (Shiva) To kill a poisonouse form of Asuran Rakthabeejan
4. Mahishasoora Mardini : A form of Chandi (Gain the name after kills the Asuran named Mahishan (A bull headed Devil)
5.Mughambikai to kill Mughasooran
6. Bala Tripurasundari to kill Kaamagaasuran (Who received boon from Brahman to be killed by a baby form of a girl who was not been born by other woman's womb).
7. Pratyangira Thevi to destroy the arrogance of Narasimha after he killed Hiranya Kasibhu.
8. Chamundi killed Mundasooran who was the brother of Chandasooran.
9. Dhaksinakaalee killed Dhakshan, who was the father of Dhakchayani. After the death of Dhakchayani in the agni of homam which was performed by Her father, through the ashes of Dhakchayani came the Aathi Sakthi in the form of Dhakshinakaalee to teach Dhakshan a lesson.
10. Vakrakaalee to kill the Vakraasooran (Click here)
11. coming...still writing...finding for more facts...:)

Avatharam of Vishnu who killed the Asuran's
1. Krishna killed Naraghasooran which was Krishna's uncle who killed 6of Krishna's brothers n sisters after they born., 7th was Thurga Thevi which was saved by some people the avatharam of Aambal and 8th was Krishna.
2. Sri Raama killed Raavanan which was the reincarnation of Hiranya Kasibhu in previous life.
3. Narasimha killed Hiranya Kasibhu

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