Friday, September 6, 2013

Sri Bala Pratyangira Thevi Temple, Kajang, Malaysia.

The most cute form of Ughra Pratyangira as a Bala, as a child have taken place in Malaysia about 3 yrs ago. This year, the 3rd Annual Prayer on December gonna bring everyone the bliss and bless in Her karuna. Monthly Ammavasya Pooja, Starting from Kalasa Pooja, Nikhumbala Yagna, Abishegham, Alanggaram, Annathanam and Prasatham will be offered on Her name. People suffered from so many illness via black magic, Naagha Thosham and people who cant meet Her in India because of Financial troubles could get Her blessings here. For time being She is located in house compund, soon will be transfered into Her own Temple, near Her current location. Prabhakaran Gurukal is the Prathaana Gurukkal of the temple and the owner of this temple. Tuesday and Friday will be a day for 'Kuri' taking from Her, 7pm onwards. Devotees who wish to see Matha Pratyangira in our own place here in Malaysia, KL. Kindly proceed to attend monthly Ammavasya Pooja or everyday evening pooja at Her temple as its always opened for Her child.
Jai Maa Kaalee...

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