Thursday, September 25, 2014


The word ‘ART ASTRAS’
Art means abstract word that depends on the eyes that see but in this business line we are offering visual arts services in the form of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional. Astra’s was taken from Sanskrit word stands for weapon or powerful tools. By combining this two major words thus Art Astras was established officially on 9th of July 2014 by registering at SSM.  The word in black colour stands for colour of Goddess Mahakaalee that epicted as dark in colour as she is the inspiration of our Managing Director and the artist Mr. Kirheba Murugan Vasandi Krishnan.

Stands for the elemen of Indian ‘Saravana Bava’ for Indian touch. It bring the all 6th senses of humans together for art. It is also being simplified by Sudarshana Chakra. 6 colours in it combines the primary colour and the secondary colours in colour wheel. The star is a combination of Shiva and Shakti that brings Lord Skandha. Its colourful thus sayings by combination of Mother and Father thus life becomes colourful when the child is born. A red dot in the middle stands for the Bindu of Sri Chakra where infinity concept is brought in. It also include the elemen as the shop will be open for 6 days in a row except for Sunday.

The font chosen for the logo is known as ‘Brock Script’. 

Currently, Art Astras combines with GeethaShankaranDance (GSD), organising art classes at Brickfields studio. Kindly contact 016 6808038 (Mr. Shankarr- Art Teacher and Radiographer by profession) for more info on the classes. Classes are based on modern and tradisional ways of Arts of Indian-Hindus. We have our own syllabus for our class. Come and explore Arts with us!!!

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