Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to Kiss a Girl?

The main problem that guys face when trying to kiss a girl is knowing if they're ready. Get the timing wrong, and things will turn awkward. Get it right, and well... you'll know. Here's how you can increase your odds.


Make her comfortable with comedy - humor is statistically the most attractive quality. For instance, it's probably not a good time to kiss that girl when you're watching a movie where someone is being killed. Use a nice, romantic spot. Who doesn't like a sunset, an empty grassy meadow under the stars, a deck on a lake at night,on the beach, a paddle boat at a friends pond at night, a private camp fire...

Hold her hands. If you hold her hand, she should get the hint that you like her. Caution though, she will like it. But if she doesn't seem to like it, resume what you were.

Stare into her eyes and move gently closer to her. Some say if a girl wants to kiss you, then she will ask! The entire point of asking her is to show her that you respect her as a person. You show her that you respect her opinion, maybe even more than your own: you make sure that she wants to kiss, instead not a line, it's the way: "Awww!"

Put your hand on her cheek.

Go for it! Lean in for the kiss. Try a peck for your first kiss, then move on to longer, more passionate kisses when you're both ready.

Use the other hand to stroke her hair or neck.


Some girls don't want to "make out" for the first kiss, but some do. Try a quick peck on the lips, then move in for more. If she pulls away, DO NOT try to kiss her more. If you forget this tip, don't become frustrated with her reaction. Simply back away and apologize like you mean it.
Kissing during an on screen kiss during a movie can sometimes be a cheesy idea. Try doing it when you feel most in love.

It is probably best done in a private place, so that you two feel more comfortable.

After kissing, do not think about sex straight away, take it slow and she will respect you more.

You can put on some music to get her in the mood.

You could try scented candles, but they can be a dangerous if you forget about them.

Discussing what you and your partner like and dislike helps a lot when heading towards kissing.

Make sure your breath smells alright -- use mints or gum if you need to. (Note: sometimes the mints or gum may not be enough. In that case, try using a little peroxide before you brush -- don't forget your tongue. And make sure to floss regularly. Most of the time, these steps can eliminate the need for gum or mints.)

If you have braces, make sure they're clean.

Talk to her while kissing each other. Girls like it if you whisper nice things while kissing them.

For example you can say something like: "You're beautiful" ,"I dreamed of kissing you ever since
I saw you the first time" or "I Love You."

When you pull away, you will immidietly know if she liked it. If she didn't then she will casually without making you notice change the subject. Whereas if she did like it she may want you to carry on by pulling you towards her again. Don't feel upset if she 'rejects' you because of the kiss.

It happens to everyone. Try and move on :-).

Make sure she is ready for the feelings you two will have for each other knowing that you kissed.
If this is your first kiss try kissing them on the cheek first.

Occupy your hands, don't stand with your hands by your sides. Try putting them on her/his hips at first or gently holding her face. This can be very passionate. Avoid her bottom and breasts, unless you are very very sure that's what she wants and never in public.

Shave your face before you go on the date. Most girls don't like the prickly feeling when you kiss them, unless she's one of those girls that love the facial hair. Most likely you don't know her well enough if you haven't even kissed, so be safe and shave your face.

If it's cold outside, that is a great opportunity because then you have an excuse to hold her close to you. While you are holding her, be face to face with her and talk to her while your faces are kind of close to each other. That makes a great opportunity to kiss her, make sure she's not in the middle of a sentence, though. That's just plain rude.


If your girlfriend is tired or not in the passionate mood, don't start the whole heavy breathing kissing thing because she may think you are a lust hungry freak.

Think before you kiss on a first date , you could creep her out.

Make sure that you know that both of you want to do this. Kissing someone is saying "I love you", so remember that you're both ok with doing this thing.

Remember, friendship first, then love. But be careful to not get stuck in the "Friend's Box" where she doesn't know that you "like her".

Don't lower your hands too far down if she's not comfortable with it.

Don't try to go in for a French kiss too quickly - sometimes this can startle a girl and make her feel pressured.

Don´t start taking her clothes off.

If she pulls away or wants to stop, do not go for more. It makes her uncomfortable and that's bad.

If you play your cards right, she will like you, but if you get stuck in the friends zone, you're in trouble. You should know if you're in the friend zone if she tells you things like "You're my buddy!" or "You're like a brother to me."

Be careful with the whole eye contact tip, sometimes she's just looking at you because you're talking or looking at her. It may not mean anything, though, usually when the meaningful eye contact occurs, you will "know." She may show some sort of sign.

Do not under any circumstances say "That was nice" or "I love you" that will freak them out or make you seem weird.

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