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After 6 great production's of Asthana Arts - Mahakavi, Varna, Theeratha Taagam, Panchasunthara, Thirunangai and Divas and Devas, now the Malaysia's new age dance studio with Dr. Burn's Sollisai Nation and the Support of Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara , presents a contemporary dance / theatre presentation NADUVAN based on Malaysia's well known Entertainer, Dr. Burn's single Naduvan.

Set in a metropolitan city, 7 youngsters waits after life at the gate of Heaven and Hell. They argue who should have the better after life comparing their deeds in the previous world. Each had desires that let them to imperfection. The 6 sins of Arishadvargas - Lust ( kaamam) , Greed ( Lobham) , Sloth ( Mogham), Envy ( Matsaryam) , Pride ( Ahankaram) and Anger ( Krodham) , are some of the sin they have committed. is there enough time for them to repent?? What are the final moments of life is like?? What happens to the friends and family?? The Final decision is by NADUVAN....in fact he was all the while watching each of them...each of their movements, each of their action....

Mathevi, a pure athma, reminds back all of them what they have done. She flashbacks each of them to the world that once upon time was theirs. Mathevi explain life and athma’s journey based on Garuda Purana and the how to achieve moksha.

The greed sold her husband’s body organs to buy jewellery
The pride, being too cruel and unsympathetic, killed an unborn child.
The Envy for her to be Number 1, splashed acid to a naïve girl
The anger killed an innocent bystander and paralyzed him
The Sloth, for drugs and pleasures, took the life out from young university boy.
The Lust , made a young girl to be prostituted destroying her future.

Naduvan is the Shiva himself. He saw all this, is coming with red fiery eyes, body stashed with ash, with matted locks, dancing his TANDAVA, gripping the lost souls.

Featuring Malaysia's well known singer in his first ever theatre debut Ganeson Mahoharan, with Devi Letchuman, Veeramathevi Sundram, Kumaresan of previous Theeratha taagam production, Selva, Rey , Kirhu, Sharmila Kathirvelu, SuriyakUmari, Rathipritah , Uganthana and Mahalingam . Also dancers : Thinesh Rajaindran, Kannan Rajamanickam , Sathish Vadivelu , Pavethiran Raj, Thanenthiran Maruthai, Nesh Kumar, Khritiharan, Hema Malini Samy, Shuba, Dhanya Rajadram , Logini, Tina Ruby and Aahmu Thirunyanam . Dance choreographers include Geethashankaran Lam of Geethshankaran dance, Rithaudin Abdul Kadir of Universiti Malaya and Hema Malini .

Date : 21st July 2012 ( Saturday)
Time : 8.00pm
Venue : The Shanthanand Auditorium , Temple of Fine Arts Brickfields Kuala Lumpur
Entrance by : RM30, RM 50 , RM100.

Further informatoon : ravi Shanker 012 6966 407 / Chris 014 263 6135
email : info@asthanaarts.com
www.asthanaarts.com / facebook Asthana Arts kuala lumpur

"I am having a role as Sloth which is describing an boy which involved in drug addiction. That particular person having a group of friends in his activities while sharing needles to insert that drugs in their body. One day, they saw a student who dressed formally and he is wearing a gold chain on his neck. While they are aiming to get that chain to sell and gain profit to buy more drugs, they accidently killed that student. This story refers to the Sloth (Kirhu) for killing a future generation who suppose to be an doctor or lawyer or even any of those white collared profession in his future. The soul of Sloth will be enlightenth by Naduvan in the end of  his journey on the Dark World. What will be Naduvan's judgement for Sloth Athma? Stay tuned for Naduvan's presence!!! Kindly attend the event and gain something that u will not see else where...NADUVAN...WAITS U..." Kirhu... C U THERE!!!

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