Monday, September 24, 2012

Why we wear garland of lemon to Mother Kaalee?

Each Lemon is a representation Of Nara Munda. Which actually our Maa Kali wears.Mala of Nara Mundas. One of the stories, In Sanskrit, lemon is translated as "Nimbu phala". According to
mythology, once there lived a demon by name NimbAsura. He created havoc on earth by means of a great femine. Sage Agasthya did great penance,contemplating on the Mother to end the demon's misdeeds. Pleased with the sage's penance, the Mother appeared and killed Nimbasura thus ending the great femine. She brought back vegetation on earth and since then she is worshiped as SHAKHAMBARI (Sanskrit "Shakha" - vegetation).

Before dying, the demon gained divine knowledge and prayed the Mother to give him permanent place in her holy feet. The Kindest Mother gave him the boon that henceforth NimbAsura shall adore her in the form of Nimbu phala. Devi ShakhAmbari is also worshiped as Banashankari, the distorted form of Vanashankari. The mula sthana (original place) where the Mother took the form of SHAKHAMBARI is Badami, Karnataka. Around 100 years ago, a temple was built for her in Bangalore and the locality is famous by the name Banashankari. Courtesy: Unknown gurubandhu posted an article in
Smaller In Size N has the property of Munda....... And Lemon also used for all kind of Tantrik Nara Munda Also.

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