Thursday, November 22, 2012


Agenda Suria Communication and Asthana Arts presents a bilingual theatre / dance NADUVAN THE FINAL JUDGEMENT, 7.30 pm on 30th Nov ( student passes) , 1st & 2nd Dec 2012 at Auditorium DBKL Jalan Raja Laut.

Artistic direction of Asthana Arts...
and Ravi Shanker explores the sins of human beings and their karma in after world. The final judgement is from omnipresent SHIVA himself. Who will attain moksha who will be reborn? A beautiful story in contemporary setting. It was restaged dance drama after received overwhelming response from public when it was held for first time in July. Don't missed the final chance to watch the drama.

Ticket price : RM 50.00 and please call Agenda Suria Communication at 03-22785555 or 0126966407

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