Monday, April 16, 2012

Rig Veda

“Through me a person eats food: Anyone who sees, who breathes, who hears what is spoken does so through me. Unknowing, they depend on me. Hear, O famous one---I am telling you something worthy of faith. I myself proclaim this state of affairs that is approved by gods and men. Whomsoever I wish I make mighty, a Brahman, a seer, a sage. I draw the bow for Rudra, so his arrow may slay the foe of sacred speech. I stir up quarrels among people; I pervade heaven and earth. On the summit of the world, I give birth to the father; my origin is in the waters, in the ocean Thence I spread through all the worlds, and I touch yonder sky with my summit. I blow forth like the wind, grasping all worlds. Beyond heaven, beyond this earth, in my greatness such have I become.”
The Rig Veda, Devi Sukta, 4 - 8

By Rudhra. Thanks for the informations...:)

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