Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Muladhara (First Chakra)

Chakra one
The root Chakra grounds us in physical existence. It element is earth and it relates to our bodies and the material world around us. Our right to BE.

The focus here is our concern with survival. A roof over head, food and money. The major development of this Chakra is our first year of life. If we were abandoned, undernourished, didn’t bond with our mother or had a traumatic birth the Chakra can develop a glitch that will need to be cleared. There can often be a karmic element to this.

When energy cannot flow freely in this area we can suffer from physical ailments such as stomach gas, constipation, poor blood health, weak bones and joints (the body support), sciatica, knee troubles, adrenal exhaustion and weight issues.

Emotionally, we might suffer from an inability to stand up for self, fear, not feeling a sense of belonging, inability to provide for your necessities in life, selfish, feeling victimized and attachment to material things. Sometimes eating disorders stem from this Chakra. One who suffers from obesity may feel very unsafe and feels the need to weigh themselves down in order to belong. Someone who may suffer from anorexia might struggle with feeling that they do not deserve to be, to take up space.

A eye opening exercise that you can do is to take a look at your home environment. Is it filled with clutter? Do you resent cleaning? Resist cleaning out closets and passing things on? Clutter in the home is a covering up of your true self. It is not possible to see your true potential if it is hidden away. Often it shows we have no faith in our future when we cannot let go of objects.
When Muladhara is functioning properly we have a strong sense of self, stability, grounding, prosperity and good health. We possess all the keys to manifest in life.

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