Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chakra in our body

The Chakras

Chakra is the sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. They are mentioned in the ancient Hindu texts, the Vedas, dating back to 300BC.
There are seven major chakras in the body. They run along the spine and correlate to energy centers in the body. They can be associated with certain body parts, elements, emotions, senses, age, glands, colors, sounds and astrological signs just to name a few. These centers help regulate our emotional and physical self. Blockages in the Chakras can cause confusion, illness and emotional upset. A Chakra will react by either opening up too wide to get what it needs, thereby filling up and becoming blocked or the Chakra will close down to protect itself and not allow energy in. By learning how our energy centers affect us and how to clear them we can enhance our lives.


The root chakra

Earth, survival and grounding


The sacral chakra

Water, emotions, desire, and pleasure


The solar plexus chakra

Fire, will, power, and assertiveness


The heart chakra

Air, love, forgiveness, and compassion


The throat chakra

Sound, creativity, and all that we put out into the world


The third eye chakra

Relates to light, seeing, knowing, and intuition


The crown chakra

Relates to thought and the understanding of the highest self


  1. good work...keep it up...sumthing new 4 me 2 learn..

  2. Thank you...dont worry you will completely learn everything on Hinduism from my blog...I am trying to put on a lot of effort and add on a lot of information in this mission...

  3. I am happy you can learn something thank you so much dear...


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