Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why is Hindu population very much lesser than Christians and Muslims?

Christians and Muslims are in worldwide. But Hindu population is very less compared to the other two. Why? Primarily, Hinduism doesn't bother to convert anybody. They are quite happy with their own little Club. So, I guess you will now understand why.

Seriously, the Hindu religion doesn't ask you to join, nor to stay and you are always free to leave it and they don't give a damn. Now, ever wonder why they are like that? It is very simply because, their Philosophy is that we all came from God and will return to God, whichever path we take. They really believe and live - All the roads lead to Rome. So, they really don't care which road you decide to take. If the Muslims had any brains, they should know that the Hindus don't rub cow’s urine on themselves and they don't think the Cow is holy, but then, what else can you expect from a lot like that?

I've got a couple of friends of mine who are ex-Muslims in India who are married to Hindu ladies and their children are free to go to all the places of worship. Now, the Muslims have ex-communicated the Muslims, because they dare not do anything else there in India, but the Hindus have not even batted an eyelid. And one of the ex-Muslims had left Islam before they met their wives, while the other left it for her. You should hear those guys talk about how stupid Islam is. Hindus are happy in their little club. They are free to stay or leave.

They do not irritate others to join in their religion. This is called decency. Hindus worship the cow, and they worship all living beings too, just because they aren’t supposed to eat beef, people think they worship only cows... now I ask you, what is wrong in worshipping all living beings?

One Indian singer, Lata Mangeshkar used to drink cow urine to sweeten her voice and you should know, that she is proclaimed as the singer with the sweetest voice in the world, just hear it and you'll know it’s not for Hinduism. As you can see Muhammad Ghori committed genocide against Hindus at Kol (modern Aligarh), Kalinjar and Varanasi, according to Hasan Nizami's Taj-ul-Maasir, 20,000 Hindu prisoners were slaughtered and their heads offered to crows (… ).

Even during Indian Independence 600 Million Hindus killed by Muslim(… ).If you count the other religions that are also kind of branches of Hinduism as they now got separated, then it is pretty big- jainism, buddhism, sikhism and etc. Like we count all the different Christian religions together (more than 3000 Christian religions present).

Islam is spreaded by Mainly Force and Sword. Arab Islamic Attackers attacked on Africa and made Innocent Africans their Slaves and African Women were put under their Harems. Arabians raped them and made the Place Production Hub of Islamic childrens. Africans Slaves are Converted into Muslims forcefully, so much killings and cruelty n Barbaric Acts by Arab Attackers on Everywhere nn Indonesia They Killed Innocents Buddhists and Spread Islam there. While On the Other side Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism considered soft and peaceful religions.

Hindus never ever forced anyone to accept the Hinduism. Hinduism(Sanatana Dharma) is open to all on their own wish because Hindus let people do what they want whereas Christians and Muslims historically and not so historically kill people who do not convert and spread across the world doing this. Islam and Christianity were spread by the sword, but Hindus are non-violent because the majority of the Hindu population is only in India and I think its cause they don't go around shouting at people to convert to their religion. Hindu, like Judaism, is an ethnically based religion. Christianity and Islam are universalizing religions. Do a search on "Universalizing Religion" and you'll find more information because more people convert to Islam and Christianity than Hinduism because that is what they believe in.


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