Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anava,Karma and Maya

Anava ( Egoism)

Anava is that which gives us individuality.Anava makes us think we are different from everybody else.We have a sense of 'I' and we forget God who created us.

Man often does wrong in his pursuit of sense-pleasures and this is a mistake.Many of our wrong acts are results of seeking pleasures for our own sake.Anava leads us to perform many wrong-doing which are injurious to us and to others.

Anava is not nature of the soul but an impurity.It can also be referred as ignorance and ego.This Anava obscures
everything as a result the soul does not realze that it is covered with darkness.It is also referred as a 'mala' and it is a 'moola mala'

Therefore avoidance of wrong-doings makes us realize the existence of God and that soul os essentially divine.


Karma is made up of the fruits of our actions,the good and the bad that we do to others which turn into virtues and sins.

Karma describes the law of course and effect.It further explains that if we do good,the good will come back to us.And also every sufferings to which we are subjected has been caused by our own acts or bad deeds.By leeding an incorrect pattern of life we create more bad karmas.Therefore every man should try to live a dharmic way of life,leading a spiritual and righteous,not forgetting his duties in life.

Hindus believe in reincarnation,so our next body in the next birth is determined by God,which is assessed by our good and bad karmas.

With the helps of God's grace we should avoid bad karmas.

Do good and you will get good.

Maya which is the principle of illusion,is that which does not really exist.It is not an entity or reality having subsistence of its own.

The world
of existence is Maya.Whenwe realize God Siva who is higherreality tehn the world seems a lower reality.As we have learnt that there is no reality other than Paramasivam-God the Almighty.This world os only unreal to the Saint who has realized God,then there is no Maya to be explained.Until man realized the existence of God this Maya wrld is real for him.

Maya is the material cause from which all things are evolved and into which all things are dissolved.The objects and tools of experience are created and provided for the souls from Maya.Souls are concealed by the three malas that are Anava,Karma,Maya.God out of his infinite mercy moves to help the souls free themselves from these three malas.

All evolved will ultimately reach God.

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