Saturday, May 23, 2009

Understanding Hinduism - Hindu Religion Basics for Beginners

Many people find it difficult to understand Hinduism because of the numerous deities, scriptures and schools of thought. The difficulty is primarily due to the popular concept of God – that there is a God sitting somewhere up in the heavens and controlling the happenings on earth. In fact majority of Hindus too believe in a ‘God sitting above’ but the sole difference that a Hindu can choose a personal God or Gods from the numerous deities in the Hindu pantheon who are all the representative of the Supreme Being – Brahman.
Hinduism, the real name Sanatana Dharma, should be understood step by step. The confusion arises when people directly jumps into the various schools of thought and scriptures or by forming an opinion by standing in the outskirts
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  1. Hinduism forms the bane of society... mankind at large! As is the importance of a soul atman in body... mother earth simply cannot survive in absence of Hinduism! Rightly said... Hinduism can all be termed as Sanatana Dharma... a Dharma (righteousness) that exists from times immemorial! Hinduism is also stated as "a way of life"!

    If we correctly understand meaning of Hindu Dharma... all becomes clear by itself! The simplest definition of Dharma is, "Your right to do what is just and right and not what was destined". Mounted with this power of Hindu Dharma... Hinduism shall regain its lost shine in coming years... beyond 2014!


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