Tuesday, May 26, 2009


  1. Reincarnation means that the Soul returns to existence again and again through normal cycle of birth and death for the purpose of its own development - the soul evolves.
  2. It is the Soul which occupies aa body rather than bodies occupying souls.
  3. The Soul is eternal.At death the physical and pranic body (Bhuloka) physical world and immediately enterns the second world (Devaloka) carrying with it the karmic impressions accumulated in that life and in previous lives.
  4. Here in the second world the Soul journeys through various segments or parts of the second world according to its larmas.
  5. The process of transmigrating from the second world to the first world 9bhuloka) and then back to the second world and back again is called Reincarnation of tha Soul.
  6. The Soul reincarnates until all its karmas have been resolved and it is liberated.
  7. The Soul attains mukthi or be with the creator,Lord Siva in Sivaloka.
  8. Reincarnation expalins why babies and children die young before getting the opportunity to learn anything.
  9. Reincarnation explains the world of inequalities and diversities.
  10. Birth must be followed by death and death must be followed by birth.
  11. Death resembles the state of our sound sleep.
  12. Souls are immortal.It continues its journey taking different bodies in each birth.
  13. What thou sowest thou must reap.This always endeavors to mould their future by better thoughts and better deeds.
  14. Theory of reincarnation explains every soul evolves from the lower stages to higher states of develpment until it merges with god or reaching spiritual purity,with no more births thereafter.

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