Friday, May 22, 2009

Hinduism is a great religion!!!!

1.It is the oldest religion in the world.
2.Belief in the harmony of religions
3.It is eternal;that means,it has no beginning and no end
4.It was founded by Lord Siva himself and not by man.
5.It is an universal religion.
6.It has the greatest and most wonderful concept of God.
7.Saivism tells the story of the soul frpm its creation,to its passage through many worlds to its final return to God Siva.
8.It is most joyous religion in the world.It has a happy concept of God.
9.It is the most mystical religion in the world.Hinduism teaches temple worship,different stages of yoga,and meditation.It teaches the law of karma dharma and reincarnation,tantras,mantras,yantras,cosomology,astrology,astronomy.It has also mystical diagram.
10.It is best adapted to technological age.
11.It has the greatest body of sacred scriptures:
  • Vedas
  • Upanishads
  • Saiva Agamas
  • Thirukural
  • Thirumanthiram

12.It has the greatest temples in the world.

13.At allthe times Hinduism has great numbers of enlightened beings,realized God-man,Jnanis on this planet to guide our religion and people.

14.It is an indestructable religion.It was never created and therefore it cannot be destroyed.

15.Hinduism has refined practises - being neither strictly dictated by scriptures nor traditions.

16.Hinduism does not force an individual to do things which he does not sincerely believe and which does not impose any kind of socialrestriction thus making it possible for him to follow his inner light and develop spiritually.

17.Hinduism teaches us to practise pure devotion,self discipline and do service to others.

18.Hinduism is also a way of life.


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  2. owh...thanks anamika...its much appreciated...


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