Friday, May 22, 2009

Hinduism Temple Worship

A temple is a house of Gods built and consecrated in accordance with the Agama and Shastras.
  1. We cultivate devotion by going to the temple regularly.
  2. The meaning of temple worship deepens as we progree spiritually.
  3. On arrival at the temple,we wash our legs.
  4. a) Before entering the temple,stand at the main entrance and pay homage (hands in a vanakkam position) to the Raja Gopuram.
  5. b) Then men must do astanga namaskaram while ladies do the panchanga namaskaram at the Palipeedam.
  6. Perform pradakshinam,this means walking around the temple or around the garbagraham before worship.While walking around,we can recite names of God or sing Thevarams,this we do in order to focus our mind towards God.
  7. Next we worship Lord Ganesha,He is just another form of the formless God Siva and traditionally he is considered to be the power of Siva who removes all the obstacles in the various activities of our life.
  8. The sivalingam in the sacntum is next worshipped.The worshipper is present for a darshan of God Siva when a camphor light is waved; a floral archana is done.
  9. The next worship is to Lord Nataraja.He is the symbolic representationof God Siva performing the five functions,which are creation,preservation,dissolution,obscuration,revealing of Grace.
  10. Next worship of other dieties in the temple.
  11. Do archana,sit and meditate for a few minutes.
  12. Finally worship of 'Navagraham' or the 9 planets if there is,inside the temple.
  13. Return home and place the temple prasatham in the home altar.

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