Thursday, May 28, 2009

Angel of My heart,by Karea Kholti

How can the luminous moon greet the darkling night sky?How can the crashing waves beat against the rocky shore?
Until my heart has oneness with your own,I cannot feel a part of this world until we meet!
How can the morning dove call to the cooling East wind?
How can majestic mountains reach high to the lofty heavens?
Until my lips have union with yours of such beauty,I cannot be satisfied for your kiss that takes my breath!How can the parched earth open her mouth to the rainstorm?
How can winter melt at the obedience of Spring's arrival?Until my longing arms have encircled your waiting chest,I cannot be fulfilled in my desire to hold you near!
How can the newborn baby still suckle fervently on his mother's nurturing breast?
How can time's hand still move in never-ending circles?
Until my wanton temple has union with your Princely body,I cannot feel at one with the angel of my heart!You are the moon to my night!
The waves against my shore!the dove to my East wind and the mountains to my sky!
You are the rain to my thirst, the Spring to my winter!


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